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                                            April 1, 2020


Dear Scholars,

I wanted to write you a letter and tell you how I am thinking of you. I know that learning from home is a big change for us. I’m also adjusting to this as well. I’m helping Zoe with her school work during this time.

There is always something for us to be grateful for, even if you are missing school. So today I want you to write down before bed or tomorrow morning three things you are grateful for. And then feel free to share with me in a photo over remind. 

So I will start. I’m grateful that even though we are far apart, I can still write to you and we can connect over the internet. I’m grateful for the walks I get to take outside with my family. We have grown close to our dog Bailey, she loves spending more time with us. I’m also grateful for the amazing teachers at Desert Trails. While you are working from home, we are messaging each other in our group app we have together. We are always thinking of ways to help each and every one of you.

I also wanted to show you my current workspace I made for myself. I found some flowers outside and put them in a pretty cup next to the couch. I love sitting here because there is a window and a nice breeze that comes out of the window. It helps me to stop, breathe and show gratitude for everything I have. I want to encourage you to make a space in your house that will be your work/study learn spot. Where it makes you feel happy and can focus when you're doing your school work. Please share your work space with me! Have a wonderful night. 


Mrs. Schugardt 


(760) 530-7680

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